Day 231: Ok Tammy

My feelings toward many conservative talking point pushers usually range from eye-rolling to frustration to outrage at the fact that these people can profit off of our society. Today, I am overcome with curiosity at the psychology of one particular individual: Tomi Lahren.

Lahren is a documented racist and hypocrite. She tweeted that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization with a goal of ethnic cleansing. That didn’t get her fired from The Blaze, the media platform started by Glenn Beck, but a flip flop on abortion eventually got her canned. Somehow, she still managed to find the chutzpah to lecture those damn Millennials on the importance of swallowing your values to keep a job.

In her earlier life as a student with a strongly stereotypical sorority girl outlook on life, she lamented having to experience the horrors of summer school and the sour situation of having to work at her mother’s store for the summer. Later, she blasted the Democrats for being the party of handouts.

Nevertheless, those transgressions pale in comparison to her decree that DREAMers should get out of the country if they don’t follow the laws. Putting aside the fact that it’s insanely heartless and cruel to place that on individuals who came to this country as babies or children, it didn’t take much digging to find out that Lahren’s family was “guilty” of the exact same transgression. Her ancestors forged citizenship papers. And I’m pretty sure they were not invited over here by indigenous individuals.

To the people who actually believe this stuff: is your self-esteem that low? Do you really believe that the only way for you to get ahead is to keep people of color underneath you? Is that what drives people states like West Virginia and Wyoming to vote overwhelmingly for a wealthy liar? A lust for Trump’s cash, mixed with a generation to generation hatred of people of color and the belief that since they will never rise that high in life, they should both worship someone who has and keep people of color beneath them?

I’m not rich, but I refuse to accept that logic. I will not bow at the alter of that disgusting deity and I’ll never take money to shill for it.


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