Day 230: Facebook And The Fallacy Of Neo-Liberalism

Facebook played a large role in the 2016 election. And, according to some leaked information, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is complicit in Putin’s propaganda pushing.

The Washington Post is reporting that Facebook sold ads to Russian firms that were known for putting out propaganda during the 2016 campaign. These “troll farms” are being investigated by Robert Mueller and his team for their role in potential coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

If it’s true that the campaign coordinated with the Russians to spread fake news on Facebook, I’d expect nothing less than that from Team Trump, they drink Sleaze Soda in golden goblets for breakfast and they lie so much that achieving any type of morality is impossible.

The revealing thing about this story, not that it’s too much of a shock, is the revelation of Zuckerberg’s naked crooked capitalism, contrasted with the benevolent Rockefeller image he puts forth publicly.

I touched on it briefly in an earlier post, but Facebook is not a nice company. They paid a staggering sum of money to settle claims that they ripped off their entire business model and conducted some extremely unethical science experiments without the permission of the subjects being studied. The privacy of its users, who frequently share private thoughts over the network, is routinely violated so that the Silicon Valley data slumlord can make money. It took no responsibility for the fake news that proliferated on its channels and hasn’t devoted adequate resources to combating harassment against women online.

Zuckerberg may want to claim that Facebook is some noble free speech space which is why he’s incapable of controlling trolls and stalkers, but that’s a gigantic lie. In order to enter the Chinese market, he was willing to play ball with censorship standards. The reality is that these platforms are private companies and they are more than capable of policing themselves. For example: this is my blog and I will not allow racist, sexist or any other kind of harassing comments on my posts. That is not restricting free speech because people who want to say racist things are free to do so elsewhere and the government won’t throw them in jail for it.

As Zuckerberg awkwardly moves toward a possible 2020 run, keep his website in mind, which is a shining monument to neo-liberalism. Whether you’re Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel or one of the many other Democrats with ties to shady money or political actions, please go away and don’t let your dignity hit you on the way out.


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