Day 227: Dismantling DACA

By choosing to end DACA, Trump has taken one of his most disgusting actions to date and show just how much he is devoted to the cause of white supremacy.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was a program created by the Obama administration to help clarify the immigration status of individuals who came to the United States as undocumented minors. In order to be eligible, the individuals in question needed to have a clean criminal record, graduated high school and be under the age of 31.

These individuals also need to supply the U.S. government with a whole lot of personal information which can be used against them. Their addresses, employment, whereabouts and acquaintances are all on record with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

These individuals contribute a ton to our country and our economy. They are children or young adults. The United States is the country they call home. Sending them back to a foreign country would be a terrible and sometimes terrifying fate.

But that’s just one of the reasons it’s a totally messed up move. This executive order, like the Arpaio pardon, like the Charlottesville response, is dripping in white supremacy.

Trump based a large part of his campaign on racism and the demeaning of people of color. He believes that they have nothing of value to offer this country. Yet, just like back in the days of slavery, that people of color should be used as labor. His apologists are happy to take advantage of some of what immigrants have to offer us, while belittling them and working to ruin their lives. White supremacists are happy to take advantage of undocumented individuals when they are most vulnerable.

Donald Trump isn’t indigenous. His family has been in this country for a little over 100 years. They came from Scotland. The puritans who sailed over here and set the foundation for Trump’s family to come here didn’t have papers and indigenous people definitely didn’t ask for Columbus to sail to the new land to commit rape and murder.

The hypocrisy is revolting and breath taking.


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