Day 226: Family First

Around the beginning of the Trump administration, I read a Twitter thread from the amazing activist Brittany Packnett about self-care in the time of Trump.

She wisely predicted that as much due diligence we will have to put into our actions that resist the Trump administration, we will have to put just as much into self-care and making sure we are loving ourselves as much as those around us.

It’s a real weakness of mine. Without trying to compare my own life to others, I am a new father, work full time, go to graduate school and trade school (learning to install solar panels) and devote as much time as I can to improving my community by fighting white supremacy. This includes carving out 30 minutes or so to write this blog every day.

I can break down, just like everyone else. I need support like everyone else. I am grateful that I have it in the form of my amazing family. From my daughter, to my wife, to my parents, to my siblings, I know that love and care is often one phone call away.

My wife has stuck with me through up and down, through distance and unemployment. She knows me better than I know myself. She is my rock. My parents raised me to try and be kind. Lord knows I haven’t always succeeded. But I know when I need to get back to the basic commitment to being kind without burden or expectation, I can always talk to one of them. I know the love of my siblings can carry me through the toughest of times. I am very grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from them.

I wish this love upon everyone else. A support system can carry you through life, no matter your background or finances.


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