Day 225: Put It In Writing

The potential for obstruction of justice charges against Trump has grown far more serious.

The New York Times is reporting that Mueller has obtained a copy of an early draft of a memo written by Trump and Stephen Miller. The memo outlines a myriad of reasons that justify attempt to Trump’s firing of James Comey. The reasons are believed to be because of Russia.

This memo, drafted by Trump, Miller, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, was seen as quite problematic for the administration. So problematic in fact that White House Counsel Donald McGahn, warned against its release. The memo was scrapped, but Mueller has a copy.

This memo was written before the ridiculous Rod Rosenstein memo, which indicated that Comey was being fired because he mishandled the Hillary Clinton investigation and was unfair to Clinton.

Trump wound up blowing this fictitious argument out of the water anyway, and Rosenstein with egg on his face, appointed Mueller as a special prosecutor since Sessions had already recused himself due to the conflicts of interest.

This series of events, along with Trump’s demands for loyalty, triggered calls for investigation of obstruction-of-justice as part of the probe. And indeed, that looks like (one) of the courses of legal action that Mueller will pursue, which could put Miller in legal jeopardy as well as provide legal justification for an impeachment of Trump.

We’ll see how Mueller crafts any potential legal arguments. But he has a lot of angles to hit Trump from and this memo may provide him with one more.


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