Day 224: Slimier Shades Of Watergate

In 1972, the Committee for the Re-Election of the President became a major fixture of the Watergate scandal. It was discovered, among the numerous other illegal operations being conducted by Nixon and his crew of thugs, that the re-election fundraising committee used over $500,000 to pay legal expenses for the Watergate burglars.

Could the RNC have committed the same crime?

NBC News reported yesterday that notes from Paul Manafort’s phone that were taken during the Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with the Russian nationals at Trump Tower mentioned the words RNC and donations in close proximity. Mueller’s team is focused on determining if this means that Russian money was funneled into the Trump campaign or the Republican Party as a whole.

Some of this money is hidden in plain sight.

During the 2016 election cycle, Leonard Blavatnik, a Ukranian-born billionaire, contributed millions of dollars to super PACs for Trump, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Mitch McConnell, John Kasich and Lindsay Graham. Blavatnik also has close ties to Putin.

It wouldn’t shock me that the leadership of the Republican Party would be willing to sell out the country to win an election for a psychopath. After all, they’ve stood by and offered some empty words and legislative votes of approval as Trump has tried to strip the poorest Americans of their health care and violate the Constitution. They’ve facilitated the rise of institutional racism by confirming Jeff Sessions as Attorney General even as they’ve “stood with Charlottesville” and “against hate”.

These un-American practices have gone on for years. I’m believe that the principal of treason isn’t limited to the letter of the law, but by the actions you take on a daily basis on behalf of your fellow citizens. By standing for true justice with actions not words, by taking an active role in the fight against white supremacy, you are thinking critically and challenging America to become the country it professes to be in its ideals.

Those actions are incredibly patriotic.


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