Day 223: Masterful Mueller

Trump’s shot across the bow toward Mueller with a pardon of Joe Arpaio, was returned by cannon fire from the office of the special prosecutor.

Politico reported last night that Mueller is actively coordinating with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on the Trump investigation. This is an excellent development for several reasons.

First and foremost, Trump will get completely defanged in his ability to control the outcome of the investigation. State charges cannot be pardoned by a President and anything brought against Trump or Trump associates would likely see an aggressive prosecution by the N.Y. A.G.

Second, New York has one of the toughest laws against potential financial crimes in the country: the Martin Act. Seeing as the Trump probe most definitely might include high-level financial crimes, and seeing as the headquarters for the Trump Organization is located in New York, Trump could find himself in a world of trouble.

The walls might be closing in even tighter. Rinat Akhmetshin, the Russian mercenary in the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. recently gave hours of testimony to a grand jury empaneled by Mueller. Recently leaks have fingered Michael Cohen and Felix Sater as potential co-conspirators in this heist of democracy. Will they flip on Trump? Testimony from Cohen in particular, as Trump’s long-time lawyer, could be particularly damaging both legally and politically.

And still, active spy channels are being used to try to get messages from the Russians to Trump. It is imperative that we remove these dangerous individuals from office as soon as possible.


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