Day 221: Seeking Sedition

A flurry of Felix Sater news escalated the stakes of the Russia dramatically for Trump.

Perhaps the most important piece of news related to this international puzzle was broken by ABC News yesterday. Trump signed a letter of intent to develop a hotel in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. Michael Cohen’s official story is that the deal fell apart and that’s it, nothing else to see here folks. I think that statement is completely untrue.

We know for a fact that Sater and Cohen (a Trump business partner and Trump’s personal attorney, respectively) wanted to conspire with the Russian government to get Donald Trump elected. They were going to use Trump Tower Moscow as a vehicle to do it. Cohen reached out directly to Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s personal spokesman for assistance in moving the stalled Trump Tower Moscow project forward in January 2016, this is also a fact.

In February, the New York Times reported that Michael Cohen hand delivered a peace plan to Michael Flynn before Flynn resigned that outlined a “peace plan” drawn up by Russian officials that demanded U.S. sanctions on Russia be lifted in exchange for Russian troop withdraw from Crimea (with Russia keeping governmental control of the territory).

Now for a theory: The Russians probably hooked them into their plot with entertaining the idea of allowing building permits for Trump Tower Moscow, then offered them far more money (stake in Rosneft, etc.) to keep playing their game. Being a moron, and not knowing what he was getting into, Trump doubled down.

But Trump (and I know this might be shocking) didn’t have the good judgment to realize that the people around him that were responsible for putting his name on a building probably weren’t capable of handling geostate corruption and game theory manipulation with the Russians.

They took few precautions and that’s why they got caught. That’s why Mueller only brought in prosecutors and legal staff to this special prosecution party. That’s why Trump was blasting McConnell on the phone from New Jersey about Russia. Because the criminal evidence is already there.

It’s just a matter of Mueller building a case against enough of the capos to corner the Don.


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