Day 220: Trump Tower Moscow

Amidst the ongoing disaster that is Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey, one of the biggest stories in the Trump Russia saga dropped on Sunday night.

The Washington Post is reporting that during Trump’s presidential campaign, the Trump Organization was pursuing a business deal in Moscow, one that would end in the construction of a Trump Tower. Additionally, it was reported that the deal was spearheaded by Felix Sater, a Russian-born real estate developer who was in-and-out of Trump’s orbit for years and Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, exchanged emails hinting at collusion with the Russian government in November 2015.

I cannot hyperbolize how huge this news is in this criminal case. It establishes a clear motive for Trump’s behavior. He has wanted a building in Russia for decades and this offered him an opportunity to get it. Furthermore, the in-depth access to Trump’s inner circle, and a “confidential” visit to Trump Tower around the same time that the Russian’s met with Don Jr., suggests that Sater was working on something big for Trump.

It wouldn’t be Sater’s first brush with the law either. In 1998, he was convicted of mob-related stock fraud, but became a cooperating witness for authorities. The attorney who signed off on the deal was Andrew Weissman, who was then an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Mr. Weissman is now one of the (many) legal all-stars that Robert Mueller has assembled to investigate the Trump team’s potential criminal activities. And judging from this story, it sounds like the breadth of the investigation is astounding.


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