Day 219: Help Houston And The Rest Of Texas

At the moment, the city of Houston and the surrounding Houston area is in the middle of a historically awful flood as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Here’s how you can help:

If you have a boat and live relatively close to Houston, please take your boat and help rescue people. 911 services in Houston are overwhelmed and water is rising in many parts of the city, with still more to come. There are people and families that are trapped and need rescuing. Call 713-881-3100 to coordinate with local emergency services. If you’re trapped in your house, get on the roof if possible. Shut off your electricity. Do not drive, manholes pop open and flash floods can occur suddenly. Driving through water can get you trapped in your vehicle.

A Global Giving fund has been started to exclusively help local emergency services, relief and recovery efforts after Harvey. Contributing to this fund will help Houston and the areas affected in Texas recover after this disaster.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital is assisting medical efforts in South Texas. Please consider giving to help individuals who suffer medical emergencies as a result of this flood.

One of the reasons this storm’s catastrophe is amplified is through climate change. Please ┬áconsider making a donation to an organization that fights it today as well.


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