Day 218: Justice Denied

I’m disgusted, sick, furious, deeply upset and disturbed by last night’s pardon of Joe Arpaio. Words cannot do justice to the injustice these men have done in America.

The former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona illegally and meaningfully targeted Latinos for nothing else except the color of their skin. He nearly bankrupted the Sheriff’s Office in doing so. Even the people of Maricopa County, who voted Republican at the top of the ballot in 2016 and have done so since 1952, voted him out of office. They were as sick of his shtick as everyone else.

The lone comfort I take in this miscarriage of justice is that he no longer holds that office and that he is no longer to use the mantle of law enforcement to push a racist agenda. Though the people of Maricopa County as a body politic failed to see the irony in elevating one white supremacist while rebuking another, they at least collectively understood in premise why such an awful notion didn’t work as a government policy at the local level and made the right decision to take a step toward dismantling it.

This man is a relic of white supremacy. He terrorized families and individuals in Phoenix for more than two decades. He abused his power at every twist and turn and led a national effort to undermine the President of the United States because he was black. He followed the same blueprint as the psychopath who pushed the Central Park Five and was, in the end, rewarded for it by not having to face the jail time he rightly deserved. And instead of being ashamed about it, Trump bragged about his “accomplishment” to all of Twitter, during an extreme natural disaster.

I’ll end with a quote tonight from Shaun King, who I greatly admire for, like many people of color, struggling through racism that violently affected him and becoming a leading voice for social justice:

“Friends, one day we will defeat Donald Trump. He will not remain in power. Until then it will be rough, but we must endure and organize.”


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