Day 217: They’re All Compromised

One of Trump’s most amazing abilities is to compromise the (occasional person who has) morality among the people in his orbit. It’s like they’re being pulled into a black hole of sleaze.

The most recent person to rise to the surface of this disgusting stew is Mike Pompeo, the Director of the CIA. A Washington Post article today talks about how senior level CIA staffers are growing increasingly wary of Pompeo’s motivations, particularly after he steered a counter intelligence unit of the agency to report directly to him. Officials are deeply concerned about his ability to stay non-partisan.

This is a trend with Trump supporting officials who should be conducting impartial investigations. Devin Nunes, who has effectively functioned like a corrupt Keystone cop, had to back off leading the investigation because he went out of his way to falsely corroborate a Trump claim that was male cow manure. Richard Burr, the Senate counterpart, hasn’t been much better.

Indeed, the only reason we got Mueller as a special prosecutor is because Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself because he was ensnared in the investigation and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote the memo for Trump that justified his firing of James Comey.

The whole gang is compromised morally. And thus it is amazing to see that people like Gary Cohn (dubious as his morality is) would rather work for a corrupt white supremacist than resign.


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