Day 215: Burning Man

Trump’s Phoenix rally last night was devoid of sanity, a desert of impulse warring against an oasis of reason.

Trump said so many crazy things during the rally, it’s hard to know where to begin, but I’ll start with his potential pardon of one of America’s worst former Sheriffs, Joe Arpaio.

There isn’t much more I can add to the facts about Sheriff Joe. His maniacal and racist focus on illegally detaining immigrants and turning them over to ICE nearly bankrupted the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He has personally cost taxpayers over $70 million dollars due to the lawsuits surrounding his office. He’s a certified bigot and guilty of criminal contempt of court. He could face 6 months in prison when he’s sentenced on October 5, 2017 and the fact that Trump is even considering a pardon for him is a joke.

Trump also claimed that CNN shut off its cameras during the rally. This statement was pretty easy to prove false. More generally, Trump continued to assail the press and shed rhetorical tears over the dismissal of Jeffrey Lord, who was fired from CNN after tweeting a Nazi salute on Twitter. Although he’s not a journalist, Trump had some nice words for Sean Hannity, as he always does.

Speaking of Nazis, Trump wanted the crowd (those that stuck around for the end of the rally) to know just how much the press got his statement on them wrong. He “actually” denounced all of the hate groups he equivocated with protestors for human rights.

But actions always are the loudest voices in any room and Trump has yet to drop his Nazi policy positions. On the border wall, the one that Mexico was going to pay for, Trump now supports shutting down the government to get the wall built. This is an absolutely terrible strategy that has backfired time and time again. It certainly won’t accomplish Trump’s goals, this time is unlikely to be any different.

Trump’s support is dwindling in places both likely and unlikely. A rally isn’t going to turn that trend around.


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