Day 213: Non-Secret Disservice

The Trump Organization has bankrupted the Secret Service. It reads like a headline out of the Onion, yet it is the truth as printed by USA Today.

It’s not a secret that a large part of Trump’s federal service has been spent at Trump Organization properties. He has played golf at Mar-A-Lago, Bedminster and Trump National almost every weekend. He has spent more than 25 percent of his days in office at his properties and funneled more than 60 million dollars of taxpayer money back into his pockets.

But the numbers are even more astounding when you drill deeper into them. The Secret Service has dropped $60,000 dollars on golf cart rentals at Trump properties. That’s more than the average American (including myself) makes in a year.

When Eric Trump went to Uruguay for business, the Secret Service spent $100,000 on hotel rooms. They have accompanied other Trumps to destinations far and wide, including the Dominican Republic, Germany, Hungary and the Dubai. Those trips probably weren’t cheap.

Every person, including the highest elected officials in our country, should have some time off. But the fact that taxpayer dollars are being directly rerouted into Trump’s pockets is yet another example of Trump and his entire administration working to uplift the already wealthy, while ignoring the neediest among us.

Why those people valued racism more than their personal economic outcome when they voted overwhelmingly for Trump, I’ll never understand.


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