Day 211: Boston Throng

I remember April 2013 quite vividly. I remember watching the news the day two bombs went off during the Boston marathon. I remember seeing this incredible photo plastered all over the news.

I remember the shootout, the manhunt, the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I remember the solidarity the city showed itself as it came together to heal, the 20,000 fans singing the national anthem together at the Bruins game and David Ortiz’s iconic proclamation that Boston “is our fucking city and nobody’s going to dictate our freedom.”

It’s incredible to see the city do the same thing for another terrorist attack that occurred more than 500 miles away from Beantown.

Thousands of people took to the streets today to peacefully counter protest a Nazi rally attended by a few dozen at the most. Police reported very few arrests. It was an amazing response to a bunch of racists, so amazing that it even left Trump (somewhat) speechless.

It gave me hope that the voices of reason and equality can be louder than those that divide us. It gave me hope that Boston might even be able to reconcile its own racist past. It gave me hope that we as a nation are still capable of pulling light out of darkness, that those who represent the worst of our values cannot stamp out the American spirit that anything is possible.


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