Day 209: A Continued Culture War

Donald Trump sees shame in the removal of Confederate monuments from public places, as local officials move them to their rightful place in the trash heap of history.

There’s not much more poetic waxing I can do about this continued culture war. Trump is a racist. There are so many examples of this. The confederacy sought to destroy our country and uphold the institution of slavery in America. This too, is an indisputable fact.

Through his cabinet officials, including but not limited to Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department, Betsy Devos’ Education Department and Scott Pruitt’s EPA, Trump is going out of his way to make sure life in America is harder for minorities.

Enough of me writing about this nonsense, here are some organization’s you can donate to that are fighting these awful policies on the front lines:

Supporting People And Communities Of Color, Combatting Systemic Racism And Fighting Poverty:

Black Lives Matter:
National Association Of Black Journalists:
Southern Poverty Law Center:
Innocence Project:
National Alliance To End Homelessness:
Native American Heritage Foundation:
Stand With Standing Rock:
National Museum Of African-American History And Culture:
International African American Museum (In Development, Charleston, SC):
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum:

Protecting Domestic And International Immigrants And Refugees:

Mexican American Legal Defense And Education Fund:
American Refugee Committee:

Protecting Women And Women’s Rights:

Planned Parenthood:
My Sister’s Place:
DC Rape Crisis Center:
End The Backlog:

Protecting The Environment:

National Park Service:
MIT Energy Initiative:

Boycotting Trump and Trump Supporting Businesses:

Grab Your Wallet:


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