Day 208: A Clear Choice

You’re either with the Nazis or you’re not.

You either understand that the rhetorical and physical violence in Charlottesville this past weekend was the result of a large number of white supremacists violently gathering to celebrate the slavery of people of color or you don’t.

You either take actions, like resigning from advising Trump, or your words will be meaningless.

You either support institutions that perpetuate the same schema as slavery, be it wage slavery, dependency on fossil fuels or systemic racism or you don’t.

You either believe people are equal or you don’t.

You either acknowledge reality or you don’t.

You either wait for them to come for you after they came for the immigrants, minorities and Muslims or you don’t.

Trump explicitly chose the side of white supremacy with his comments yesterday. They were the lowest point in an administration full of lowlights. They made me feel physically sick, knowing that the people he defended practiced an ideology that wants to put me in a gas chamber and my wife in shackles.

You now have a choice: you can, with your words and actions, choose a side. Do you choose to support, in policy, actions or rhetoric, Trump, David Duke, Richard Spencer and their ilk? Or do you choose to support the people who they want to oppress?

The choice is yours.


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