Day 207: Get Out

Trump, the self-purported super wealthy businessman, is now facing a revolt of his fellow CEOs as they flee his Manufacturing Council in droves.

Four CEOs have walked away from the Council after Trump’s weak-as-hell, two days late response to the terrorist attack in Charlottesville. My first question: what took so long? There’ve been white supremacists in the White House since Trump took office. Second question: did you honestly think Trump would care about anything you have to say? All he does is watch television and golf. He hasn’t visited any schools, hasn’t traveled much beyond the occasional campaign rally and foreign excursion and always finds the time to tweet.

He won’t be traveling to Charlottesville either, (likely) won’t be making any further comments on the situation or using his executive powers to push for any positive change.   If there were any doubt as to the character of the man, look at the images he retweeted this morning, just days after a similar attack occurred.

Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump is a cancer upon our society, a national disgrace, a joke(r) of a leader and the Nazi hipsters who descended on Charlottesville to stir up trouble are symptoms of the larger problem, enabled by this man. And anyone, from the CEOs, to the staff, to the people who he surrounds himself with, are just as likely to get infected as the rest of us.


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