Day 204: The Real Terrorists

White supremacy terrorizes people within this nation on a daily basis. Today was just another example.

As statements from leaders around the country pour in after a terrorist attack killed an anti-racism protestor on the second of two days of Nazi protests in Charlottesville against the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, it’s important to remember who perpetuates this terror.

It’s white supremacy and white supremacists that are responsible for many terrorist attacks on individuals and against the United States government. It was white supremacy that drove our country to genocide and slavery.

It’s white supremacy that allows police killings of people of color to go unpunished, but those of whites in the same place to carry consequences. It’s white supremacy and racism, awful, blatant racism that allows Trump and his legion of morons to carry out the evils they wish in our country today.

There are many others who have articulated the tragedy of today’s events and the sickness of the soul of white supremacy better than I have today. But I will say this much: this isn’t isolated and the fact that Trump was elected just goes to show you how widespread and enabled this curse of America reaches.

And even if Trump wasn’t elected, if you think it’s not in your community and hasn’t been since the stars and stripes were forged, you’re kidding yourself.


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