Day 202: Kimsominia

Rex Tillerson, in response to the latest North Korea crisis, told Americans to “rest easy at night.” His words proved about as transparent and trustworthy as one might expect from the former CEO of Exxon Mobil. He was undercut mere hours later by Nazi and Trump national security advisor Sebastian Gorka, who uttered the insane assertion that Tillerson has no input on military matters related to the situation in North Korea.

Tillerson is the Secretary of State.

Trump added another log to the insomnia inferno by doubling down on his North Korean rhetoric today, by suggesting that maybe the “fire and fury” wasn’t tough enough for North Korea. It’s not surprising that someone who wondered why nukes couldn’t be used would openly speculate about using nuclear weapons.

Adding to this dystopian drama was the celebration of diplomacy breaking down, taken straight from a Kremlin propaganda line: Trump thanked Putin for expelling hundreds of U.S. foreign staff, adding that the payroll savings costs would be tremendous.

It is not just Trump and his Dr. Evil entourage we have to combat. It is the will of many of our fellow citizens to suppress our freedoms and establish a dictatorship in the United States. About half of Republicans surveyed would support suspending elections if Trump proposed such a measure. The same poll found that a clear majority doubted the integrity of the vote count and believed that Donald Trump actually won the popular vote, which of course is not even close to being true.

I will allow no person to take away the democratic rights of myself, my family and my fellow citizens. And with the walls of oppression attempting to be built, maybe a lack of sleep will increase our awareness of this fact.


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