Day 199: Democracy Decrypted

We live in extraordinary times and we have some extraordinary means available to restore faith, balance and equality in our democracy.

The enormity of the challenges cannot be understated. Much of the right-wing of the United States political spectrum is controlled by Nazi-sympathizers, hostile adversaries and individuals who would rather bring the government to a screeching halt than work meaningfully for compromise.

Indeed, the nature of the political map is stacked up against the left. A favorable ruling in a key gerrymandering case could provide some relief for our citizens, however let’s not be naive. The left (of which I am a member) is just as susceptible to the influence of billionaires, corruption and structural inequality, despite admirable lip service otherwise.

Underneath this dome, we live our lives, affected by this nonsense. But we have some great opportunities to rise up and take our democracy back into our hands.

One of the most brilliant and simple solutions that I’ve heard came last night from “The Jester” a noteworthy anonymous hacker who has purportedly tangled with WikiLeaks, the Russian government, ISIS and other American adversaries.

He proposed using a Blockchain based voting system. Blockchain is the technological backbone of cryptocurrency, and has thus far proven impossible to duplicate in terms of a single record. This eliminates the possibility of voter fraud. Coordinated with local DMVs and other local record’s offices, it could provide fraud-proof voting, increase turnout and allow for instantaneous results as opposed to having to stay up all night watching election returns.

It’s an amazing idea that I support 100 percent. Now, if only eliminating the electoral college was that simple.


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