Day 195: Granite State

New Hampshire is a “drug infested den.” This, other musings and the insecurities of Donald Trump were revealed today.

The Washington Post obtained the full transcripts of Trump’s diplomatic calls that took place on January 27, 2017. He made a number of implicitly surprising admissions (by Trump standards here). He wanted the President of Mexico to stop talking about the border wall because it was boxing him into a political corner. Words cannot describe the irony of Trump asking a foreign leader to help him solve political problems that he created by not shutting up on the campaign trail.

Trump went on to falsely claim that he won New Hampshire because he talked about the opioid crisis. He did win the primary, but lost the general election by the slimmest of margins. In praising his opioid rhetoric, he referred to New Hampshire as a “drug infested den.” I’m may be wrong here, but I’m of the opinion that referring to a state you represent as a hellhole is generally not a good idea.

Trump’s approval ratings continue to find new lows and Congress is beginning to push back hard. Trump was forced to sign a bill that forced his hand on Russian sanctions and a similar one might be on the way when it comes to the potential firing of Robert Mueller.

All of this is happening as FBI officials have been told to potentially be ready to testify against Donald Trump in an obstruction of justice case. Maybe he’ll be able to handle these crises from the comforts of Bedminster.


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