Day 193: Stop Trump Now

This is not normal, this is behavior within a banana republic.

The Washington Post dropped a bomb last night in which it detailed that Trump was directly involved in concocting the fictitious “adoption” story. This is an damning piece of evidence that suggests not only obstruction of justice, but that impeachment is an appropriate response for Trump and his administration. The White House did not deny it.

The administration is getting assistance in its propaganda campaign. A story came out this morning on NPR detailing a lawsuit by Rod Wheeler against Fox News. You may remember Mr. Wheeler from a disgusting story he spun for right-wing conspiracy theorists about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, alleging that Democratic officials were involved in the cover up of the death. Sean Hannity took particular fixation with the story, so much so that it cost him several advertisers.

Yet it’s all laid bare in this lawsuit. The story was fake, made up nonsense that Trump personally approved. Fox News ran it, effectively functioning as state-run media. Trump is being enabled with dictator privileges from willing enablers. But as the case of Reince Priebus will demonstrate, no cowardly act will go unpunished.

Yet, the real victims could be us if we don’t act soon. The debt ceiling is fast approaching its deadline and tensions are heating up in the Korean Peninsula, which would not only lead to a war too brutal to imagine, but a severe worldwide economic downturn. For the sake of humanity, we must rise up and take all actions that we possibly can economically, ┬ápolitically and socially to ensure Trump’s removal from power.


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