Day 192: Scaramucci, We Barely Knew Thee

Scaramucci ended his tenure as Communications Director today, resigning after a lengthy ten days at the helm of the White House message.

Although a man who was in the Hitler Youth and Sean Spicer’s terms were longer, they weren’t nearly as memorable. They say the biggest stars burn out quickly because they’re the brightest. Scaramucci went out like Tony Montana in Scarface: shouting (possible) coke-fueled nonsense while shooting verbal shots at everyone in sight. It was the best ten days ever.

All jokes aside, I think the Scaramucci tenure is more emblematic of the direction of the Trump administration at-large. They’re at their lowest point ever in terms of net approval ratings and I actually think that has the potential to get worse following their failure to deliver a “victory” on Obamacare repeal to their base.

The party defectors are growing louder with their words as well. Jeff Flake called out the Republican Party for failing to deal with Trump. If only he had voted against some of his policy proposals to show his outrage, his words might have more credibility.

The right thing to do for folks like Flake would’ve been to work with Obama, to renounce racism, to avoid shutting down the government, to not weaponize the debt ceiling. That ship has sailed and the majority of the party raised the flag where the T penetrates the P and “said full steam ahead.”


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