Day 190: I Knew It Was You, Priebo

Reince Priebus was fired yesterday and his run as Trump’s Chief of Staff was the shortest in history.

It was a firing typical of Trump: humiliating and without grace. Following an utterly insane interview by Anthony Scaramucci in which he alleged that Priebus was a paranoid schizophrenic and accused Steve Bannon of wanting to “suck his own dick.”

If Trump canned Scaramucci after that insane and possibly coke-fueled “interview” like any reasonable person would have done, everyone would have understood. But Trump went full Trump and not only kept the Mooch in his current role but fired Priebus after the rant because heĀ didn’t fight back against Scaramucci.

Think about that for a second. Trump took it as a sign of weakness that his staffers were fighting in public like cats and dogs, rather than working together as a team to accomplish his agenda. That logic is nuts.

With the departure of Priebus and Spicer and the additions of Scaramucci and DHS Secretary John Kelly as Trump’s Chief of Staff, the direction of Trump’s administration seems pretty clear at this point: screw relationship building, I want loyalty in my staff.

Earth to Trump: Loyalty was what you got before from Priebus, Spicer, Sessions and others. It’s not their fault you’re awful at your job. Changing your staff won’t change your behavior, won’t buy you goodwill on the Hill and won’t help you accomplish anything.

But by grifting American taxpayers to pay for stays at Trump properties, he’s already accomplishing his mission.


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