Day 189: Don’t Stop Fighting

I didn’t sleep much. Right now, I’m typing this at 4:30 in the morning.

Like many Americans, I was very frightened at the prospect of my health care costs skyrocketing. It could’ve done serious financial damage to me and my family. My health care costs are already over $650 a month and any marginal increase could’ve done serious financial damage to myself, my wife and my daughter.

But that’s just the narcissistic point of view. I know that other folks would’ve had it far worse. Millions of people would’ve lost their health insurance. Tens of thousands would’ve died. Lifespans would’ve been shortened. Bankruptcies would’ve been declared.

I was expecting the worst when I awoke restlessly today. I popped open my laptop and my jaw dropped after learning that the health care bill was defeated.

I’m feeling incredibly humbled and grateful for everyone who worked so hard to kill this disaster.

Thank you to the amazing protestors, callers, writers and town hall attendees. You’ve told¬†stories¬†have left me speechless, you’ve taken arrests and been dragged out of your wheelchairs and you’ve sprang into action on a moments notice when a legislative body tries to sneak a malicious bill through in the dead of the night.

Thank you to all of the elected officials who stood on the right side of history on this one. Without trying to sound like a partisan hack, the Democrats unity on this issue was admirable. Thank you Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for being consistently opposed to the bill on this issue. Particularly the former, thanks for standing up to the bully tactics of the Trump administration and not allowing their hollow threats to tilt your position. Thank you John McCain for coming around and doing the right thing at the end of the day.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of the people fighting for a single-payer health care system right now. There are still more than 25 million Americans without access to health insurance. There is no excuse for one of the world’s wealthiest nation’s to deny this basic human right to it’s citizens.

Thanks Obama, Biden all of those that worked in the previous administration and everyone who voted for the ACA or worked on it from a policy perspective at the staff level for taking us one step closer to get there.


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