Day 185: Kushner Kolluded

I did not have diplomatic relations with that woman.

That was the crux of Jared Kushner’s message today as he made a rare appearance in front of the microphones following a dubiously historic appearance in the closed confines of the Senate Intelligence Committee SCIF. Kushner did not go under oath, a fact I will cover in a few paragraphs.

Trump is clearly feeling the heat from the investigation. With his son-in-law set to face questions, he engaged in a long series of rage tweets on a variety of topics, all of which are ultimately his responsibility. He blasted Jeff Sessions again publicly, something that likely won’t endear him to anyone on Capitol Hill or under his command.

It’s a sensitive time in the lawmaking place as well. The Senate is set to vote tomorrow in one of the most undemocratic and bizarre stunts I’ve ever seen. Republicans will be voting for a health care bill, without knowledge of the contents of the bill. They haven’t seen it, they don’t know what’s in it and it affects a huge portion of the U.S. economy. Yet Mitch McConnell, for some reason, is choosing to engage in this exercise of putting his caucus on the record about Obamacare.

It’s ludicrous and so symbolic of the Trump administration up to this point in time: completely chaotic, with a culture of secrecy and corruption and failure everywhere you look.

Nevertheless, please call your representatives tomorrow to ensure that American’s right to live healthy lives isn’t even up for debate. After all, it should be guaranteed.


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