Day 183: Seditious Sessions

With one drip to the Washington Post, the floodgates opened and Jeff Sessions was washed away.

Sergey Kislyak was caught on U.S. intercepts talking about Sessions, stating that Sessions had discussed policy and campaign matters with him in depth. U.S. intelligence officials say that while Kislyak could have made the matter up, he has a strong track record of being truthful about his interactions with U.S. political figures in his discussions with Russian elites.

Sessions potential charges got dramatically more serious. Secretly collaborating with a sanctioned foreign government on United States policy matters and to potentially undermine the campaign could be espionage and treason. The sick part of this whole episode is that he was a sitting United States Senator at the time that these incidents took place.

My theory is that this leak likely came from one of two places for one of two reasons. Either Trump leaked it to force him out so he could have more wiggle room to fire Mueller and the whole gang or Mueller and company leaked it to turn up the heat on Sessions in order to get him to flip on Trump.

This is only part of Jeff Sessions anti-American activities. Whether it is discriminating against immigrants, women or black people, Sessions has betrayed the people who built this country time and time again in favor of wealthy white men.

It’s so ironic that those he sold out to are now possibly selling him out to save themselves.


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