Day 182: Another Sean Spice-tes The Dust

First he was among the bushes. Now he is among the job seekers.

After six (what I can only imagine were) hellish months in Trumpland, Sean Spicer is out, tendering his resignation today. The straw that broke the camels back was as comical as it was symbolic of the Trump administration: CNN’s Jim Acosta reports that Spicer was asked to continue to perform the jobs of press secretary and communications director, while the newly hired Anthony Scaramucci, who resembles a Goldman Sachs poster child and Trump loyalist, would serve a largely “ceremonial role.”

It’s so Trump. He gets the credit, while someone else does twice the work.

Spicer doesn’t deserve our sympathy. He knew what he signed up for when he went to work for a geriatric egomaniac with no impulse controldespotic ambitions and a record of pathological lying.

His career in the White House started with a downright ridiculous stunt when he was sent on a Saturday night to defend Trump’s fabrication regarding his inauguration crowd size. Smarting from a record turnout at the Women’s March, Trump gave Spicer the order to rip the press, something he did very uncomfortably. It went downhill from there  to include: attempts to back up Trump’s baseless wiretapping claim (although to be fair, elected morons also participated in this con) and portraits of high level staffers as “volunteers.”

Scaramucci, slick as he may seem (if you view Wall Street social ladder climbers as slick) won’t be any different substantively than Spicer because they’re both pushing a product that’s phonier than Trump Vodka.

It might be time for Lorne Michaels to call John Leguizamo, because Melissa McCarthy sadly won’t be returning.


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