Day 181: Well Recuuuuuuuse Me….

Bite the hand that feeds you.

The mouth is the heel of this abominable Achilles of a leader and it went off again last night in an interview with the New York Times.

Trump, meditating on how unfair the world is to a wealthy white man, had some choice words for his Attorney General Jeff Sessions last night. He stated that he wouldn’t have hired him had he known that Sessions would betray him by recusing himself from a case in which there was an obvious conflict of interest.


Sessions took it like a man and said he was staying put for now, despite offering his resignation earlier this year. But this public call out is indicative of the loyalty offered by Trump to his most loyal supporters (none) and the escalating nature of the Mueller investigation.

Trump is looking to prevent the probe from collapsing on his head in typical fashion. Dirt is being dug up on the former FBI director and his prosecutors by the Trump legal team, led by real lifeĀ Ari Gold impersonator Marc Kasowitz. Trump is reportedly asking aides about the scope of his pardoning powers, pre-emptive pardons are legally ok as evidenced by the pardoning of Richard Nixon.

But the legal and political choices for this administration have long past split in a fork in the road. Protect yourself legally through pardons and a political earthquake will happen. Try to spin things politically and legally they’ll be toast.

The grifters have made their bed and Republicans are unhappily lying in it. The latter get played while the former continue to make money in the sleaziest ways possible.


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