Day 180: Waking Up From A Health Care Nightmare

The latest version of the health care bill has collapsed. Although the entire Republican Senate Conference is having lunch with Trump today, it sure looks like a steak has been driven through the heart of this initiative.

It started with a delay in the vote following surgery for John McCain. Many political reporters predicted that the delay would give the opposition more time to mobilize and more leverage against Republicans that were (for some reason) on the fence about taking away health care from millions of Americans.

They were right. And now the blame game has begun. Many are angry at Trump for tending to his businesses far more than his policy initiatives. Others, like Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, are publicly furious with Mitch McConnell for not being legislatively honest.

The path forward seems equally divided. Mitch McConnell wants to put folks on the record for a vote on full repeal, but that effort seems doomed to fail. Trump wants to let the insurance markets collapse and have the Democrats come crawling back to him for a deal, something that is steeped in cognitive dissonance and ignores the fact that conservatives control all three branches of government and the welfare of people in this country is his responsibility.

It’s not shocking at all that this geriatric grifter is incapable of governing this country. What’s more surprising is that Mitch McConnell who for years plotted how to get back into power during his time as Senate Minority Leader, had no plan on what he would do beyond obstruct once he obtained it.


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