Day 178: Visualization

I don’t understand why some people have a tough time visualizing the obvious.

Recent polls by the Washington Post and others have shown a significant drop in support for Donald Trump, with only 36 percent of people approving of his tenure and a staggering 58 percent disapproving. Only 25 percent of Americans strongly approve of Trump. With those types of numbers, it’s not surprising that folks like John Kasich are testing the waters for a 2020 primary.

Yes, Americans (gradually) waking up to the fact that Trump is as awful a leader as many people thought he would be is good. But what I struggle to understand is how people view these actions in context. In particular, recent revelations about meetings between top Trump campaign officials and Kremlin operatives clearly demonstrate (with proof) collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Despite this, most Americans feel as if the meeting was inappropriate, but doesn’t meet the standards of collusion, treason and criminal activity. Thankfully, that’s a decision that rests with Robert Mueller.

This is something I don’t understand. There’s an email chain showing that the Trump campaign was more than willing to accept help from a foreign government in getting dirt on an opponent and a meeting with witnesses backing up those claims. Prior to his election, Trump demonstrated clear dishonesty in business, disgusting behavior toward women and minorities and a track record of lying or exaggerating the truth almost all of the time. Do people want a tape of him saying, “I colluded with Russia to rig an election” before they take to the streets demanding impeachment?

Maybe it’s because folks believe what they want to believe. Sometimes, even a video of someone peeing on underage girls isn’t enough to convince people that an individual is capable of being a predator.


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