Day 177: A Vote Delayed

The health care nightmare bill Senate vote has been delayed by at least a week.

John McCain, following a routine physical, went into surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to remove a small blood clot above one of his eyes. He’ll be sidelined for at least a week and as a result Mitch McConnell has delayed the vote.

McCain utilized Congress’ very generous health care coverage for the surgery. It’s coverage that all Americans deserve. Ironically, he is undecided on whether to take it away from millions though he has voiced concerns. It would be both the height of hypocrisy to vote for this bill as well as downright evil.

I can safely say that the latter category is occupied by Mitch McConnell. A man who suffered from childhood polio and whose family nearly went broke to ensure that he had the care he needed to walk and live is now the driving force behind ensuring that families in similar situations do not have the ability to afford health care and cannot cure what should be manageable diseases.

Driving anyone’s family to poverty over an unavoidable health care issue should be a one way ticket to hell if it exists. We need single-payer health care now so that families like the McConnells don’t have to worry any longer about whether they need to make a decision between medicine and meals.

Forcing them into that choice so that Sheldon Adelson can get another forty million dollars could also be a death sentence for many Republican political careers.


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