Day 176: Don’t Lower Your Standards

If we didn’t lower our standards collectively in this country, we could achieve amazing things.

I had to write that even though I loathe broad pontifications and didactic dissertations on American culture from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. But damnit people, we can do better.

We can obviously do so much better than Donald Trump as our leader. So many people lowered their standards and expectations to vote for a certified con artist. In 2016, we could’ve done a lot better than Hillary Clinton as well on the left side of things. This modern devaluation of our politics (let’s be honest, historically and today, our system was set up for white men to succeed) has led to people who would normally be complete clowns having legitimate chances of holding elected office.

The cultural cancer has been in our entertainment system for decades now as “reality” television has morphed into an unstoppable monster. While keeping up with Kardashians is bad enough, the latest financial juggernaut is a new nadir. A match made for money pits Floyd Mayweather, a wife-beating, tax dodging, undefeated boxing champ whose mission to show off his opulence exceeds all other values, against Conor McGregor a showy, brash UFC champion who has never boxed a match in his life and is openly racist. The duo recently wrapped up a world press tour, where they tossed slurs at each other and did a bunch of other stuff that was legitimately cool to me when I was 12, like making it rain one dollar bills.

We shouldn’t let the two blend like we did this past election cycle and we can do better in both aspects. I will never forget the year 2013 during which I was broke, unemployed and depressed due to being broke and unemployed. I vowed to myself that I would do better, that I would set higher expectations for myself and that once I dug myself out of a financial and unemployment hole, I would try and improve the world around me.

Fast forward four years and I now have a daughter. And I sure don’t want her thinking that as a young, black girl, she has limited options. We must do better for ourselves and our society.


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