Day 175: An взрывной Turn Of Events

Turns out the Russian lawyer wasn’t the only Russian in the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.

In a pair of the most explosive Trump-Russia stories to date, NBC News broke the story of a fifth participant in the Trump, Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Veselnitskaya meeting. His name is Rinat Akhmetshin and he was named by Chuck Grassley as an active Russian agent attempting to 86 the Magnitsky Act.

What’s more, Akhmetshin specializes in international hacking campaigns for the purpose of data extraction. In 2015, he was named in a legal complaint alleging such actions against International Mineral Resources, a mining company owned by Russian magnate Andrey Melinchenko.

Furthermore, additional details revealed by the AP tell us that documents detailing alleged financial improprieties committed by the DNC were brought to the meeting and presented to the Trump campaign. The campaign staff moved to end the meeting when the Russians didn’t supply proof and asked the Trump campaign to follow up on the lead.

This meeting is critically important because it might prove criminal intent. Individuals have gone on the record to say that the Trump campaign requested documents from the Russians, including the Russian attorney present, Ms. Veselnitskaya. But this opens up the door to questions much larger and more important than some DNC documents.

If Akhmetshin specialized in cyber warfare, who requested he attend the meeting? Was the DNC research the only thing discussed at the meeting? What did Kushner and Manafort have to say at the meeting? Thus far, we only know about the actions of Trump, Jr.

Kushner has to resign and hand in his security clearance immediately. So does Trump. The more we learn about the latter and Russia, the larger and deeper the conspiracy grows.


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