Day 174: Health Care Night Mare, Take 2

Today’s the big day everyone! The revised Senate health care bill is being introduced! Aren’t you all excited about the prospect of millions of people losing their health insurance so that rich people can make even more money? I know Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are!

About an hour ago, Mitch McConnell revealed the revised health care bill to the GOP conference. It is expected to throw more money at fighting the opioid crisis, take out the tax breaks for wealthy Americans and add a Ted Cruz amendment that allows insurance markets to sell plans that don’t meet the ACA minimum standards for health care.

Already, there’s some opposition. Rand Paul seems stuck on the concept of a full repeal and others like Susan Collins and Dean Heller could face and are facing bruising re-election battles, respectively. A vote for this historically unpopular bill would very much damage those chances.

McConnell is rolling the dice and setting up a vote for the bill next week. He’s banking on the fact that, like the House vote before it, moderates will cave and ultimately flip to vote for the bill.

It’s a risky move, especially with a CBO score emerging right before the vote next week. There’s less margin for error than there is in the House and the loss of any of the senators on the fence about the bill would severely damage its chances of passing.

The process and policy in this bill is awful, secretive and a giveaway to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the poor.

I know it likely won’t be, but I hope the next bill to emerge from one of the two chambers is a single-payer health care bill that insures all Americans.


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