Day 173: A War On America, One Regulation At A Time

While the Trump administration admits to colluding with a foreign adversary, they are waging a much different war on America, one that has nothing to do with coordinating with Russia.

Trump may be watching television for most of the day, but his cabinet secretaries are hard at work dismantling the many regulations that provide upgrades to American lives and institutions.

His appointment of Ajit Pai, a Republican attorney as Chairman of the FCC, could level severe consequences on the (currently) free and open Internet. Don’t let his cheeky gimmicks and “cool guy” demeanor fool you, Pai is a danger to anyone who doesn’t want to pay even more money for (comparatively) awful Internet service. You can tell him what you think of this proposal to end Net Neutrality here.

Then there’s Betsy DeVos, who has taken her fundamentalist views and tried to build “God’s Kingdom” in America’s school system. In such a kingdom, rapists will be given priority over sexual assault victims, transgender students have fewer rights and the kingdom’s education system would be completely gutted. A fitting vision from a woman whose wealth was inherited from one of the world’s biggest ongoing scams.

Finally, there’s Scott Pruitt, the chieftain of the EPA, who is the best friend of the oil and gas industry. He has moved to make America into a giant pipeline and coal mine. Drilling regulations in wildlife sanctuaries are being lifted. Methane rules critical to the suppression of greenhouse gases would be destroyed if not for the work of environmental activists. And he fundamentally opposes the core mission of the EPA which is to attack climate change.

There is a method to this madness. As Steve Bannon articulated, their purpose is to fundamentally destroy the agencies that they were appointed to lead. These agencies help enforce environmental protection, non-discrimination measures and equal access to essential resources for businesses and citizens. Eliminating their mission would widen the gap between access to services for the rich and poor of this country.


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