Day 170: Ding Dong, The Bill Is…Dead?

It’s quite obvious now why Mitch McConnell wanted to finish the health care bill prior to the July 4th recess. As Senators have headed home for parades and town halls, they’ve seen first hand how much damage it would do to their constituents and careers.

Republicans making their way around the Sunday circuit are increasingly vocal about their opposition to the current draft of the health care bill, deeming it dead and suggesting that they’re willing to work with Democrats to craft a bi-partisan bill that (gasp) does something constructive!

The bi-partisan option would involve stabilizing insurance markets that have seen premiums jump and insurers bail out. It would genuinely help an already successful bill that has legitimately changed the lives of Americans more than any other social program in my lifetime. On a personal note, it helped me out by allowing me to remain on my parents’ insurance plan until I was 26, saving me a whole lot of money in premium costs.

The fight isn’t over yet. Please pick up the phone and call your Members of Congress and Senators to demand that no negative alterations be made to Obamacare. Call your local officials to demand the same thing, they communicate frequently with their Washington counterparts. Show up to vote and protest your health care cutting representatives whenever, wherever and however you can.

Millions of lives depend on it. Then, let’s make single-payer health care a reality in this country.


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