Day 169: Adopting Putin’s Positions

A day after a very friendly first “official” get together with Vladimir Putin, Trump has another Russia problem on his hands.

The fact that he didn’t threaten to sanction the shiitake out of all of the Russian oligarchs for election interference, and that he was cool with Putin’s version of events, is outrageous enough. But then the New York Times dropped a Saturday night heater.

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner all met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian national and attorney who works to advance Kremlin interests. Kushner and Trump, Jr. confirmed the meeting, with the latter stating that it was about U.S. Russia adoption issues.

That’s technically true, but it ignores a hurricane force wind’s worth of context.

After the assassination of one of his political opponents, more than three dozen Russian oligarchs were sanctioned by President Obama via the Magnitsky Act, named for Sergei Magnitsky, who was imprisoned for opposing Putin and died under suspicious circumstances while in custody. This allegedly infuriated Putin, to the point where he banned all U.S. adoptions of Russian children in retaliation.

So, yes, Donald Trump, Jr. might have been talking about adoption as in how to adopt what Putin wants with this Act and other sanctions on Russia and the oligarchs that surround Vlad. Veselnitskaya oversaw a Putin propaganda video and a multi-million dollar money laundering operation. Perhaps those two items are linked as well.

What I wish they would’ve talked about is why Russian nuclear weapons designs are all of a sudden popping up in North Korea.


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