Day 167: A Toast To 2017

Realistically speaking, there are more important things to write about today than the chosen topic, but abandoning the G-20 Summit (and Poland’s attempt to bus in Trump supporters to appease Trump’s ego in order to shore up a commitment to NATO) seems strangely appropriate.

That feeling stems from two stories breaking which represent part of the soul of our time. One is a potential resolution to a mystery that has passed a platinum jubilee. Amelia Earhart, long thought to have died at sea, has now reappeared in a photo taken in Japan in 1937. It depicts people who look remarkably similar to Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan as well as the alleged wreckage of her plane.

She likely would’ve died in captivity, but no records of her time as a prisoner in Japan exist (though many were lost). It’s unfortunate that the records can’t be located to conclude what would’ve been a bizarre answer to a long standing target of crazy conspiracy theories.

Still, that pales in comparison to the public revelation that Hobby Lobby, crusaders against birth control and for corporate empowerment, was running an artifacts trafficking operation in Iraq. I guess I shouldn’t find it shocking that a company that represses women’s rights domestically would not have a problem funding terrorism but the hypocrisy of claiming a divine right to morals and then turning around and fueling some of the most barbaric individuals on the planet puts Creflo Dollar to shame.

What a time to be alive.


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