Day 165: A Love For America

The morals of Americans are as mixed as the stars and stripes of the flag of this nation.

My own ancestors came to this country as Jewish immigrants from Hungary. My great-grandmother fled the economic ruin of post-World War I Hungary and settled in Brooklyn. She worked as a seamstress. My great-grandparents on my grandfather’s side did the same thing, which allowed my grandfather to have an opportunity to become a journalist, a dream he lived for 55 years.

My wife’s ancestors were bought and brought to this country as slaves, sold and settled in South Carolina. Following Emancipation and Reconstruction, they continued to work as share croppers. My wife’s grandmother fled that life and made herself into a successful furniture upholster. She made beautiful couches, chairs and cushions. She gave birth to six children including my mother-in-law who has turned social work into a successful career.

My parents went to Yale. My mother-in-law and father-in-law attended Texas A&M, black people in the 1970s at the height of immediate post-segregation racial tension in the south.

My wife and I come from two different Americas. My daughter will grow up in another America altogether as well.

With this understanding, it’s easy to see why the experiences that people of different backgrounds have had with this nation can be miscommunicated. America has been the land of opportunity and oppression, of courage and cowardice, projecting true freedom to some and a farce to others.

A love of this country for me means constantly pushing it to do better, be better, apply the same freedoms and opportunities enjoyed by people like Donald Trump to everyone. We cannot truly be free until we have true equality.

So if you have time, in between cookouts and pool parties and fireworks, take two minutes to watch this clip and think about the dimensions of deception in the American Dream. If it outrages you as much as it does me, and your love for your country means that you want the best for all of our people, then message me and let’s talk about specific action steps that we can take to make true equality a true reality.


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