Day 163: An Update From Flynntown

The anonymous source that named Michael Flynn as an auxiliary participant in a scheme to obtain stolen State Department emails belonging to Hillary Clinton from Russian hackers has stepped forward.

His name is Matt Tait and he is an information security expert who was recruited for the purpose of authenticating the aforementioned batch of emails that Peter Smith, a GOP operative from Illinois, was offered by a group of Russian hackers. Smith was intending to use these emails against the Clinton campaign. Tait declined to get involved with the effort in depth, he correctly recognized that Smith was in way over his head if he was dealing with the Russian government.

However, he did acquire a more than casual knowledge of the operation. In his conversation with Peter Smith, he could not determine if Smith was employed by the Trump campaign. But he did determine that Smith was intending to set up a shell corporation to leak the documents should he obtain them from Russia.

Involved in this effort to set up the shell company were senior members of the Trump campaign along with Smith. Again, it is not proven that Smith was in the direct employ of  Team Trump. But Steven Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Michael Flynn and Sam Clovis (a Trump campaign policy advisor) were all named as stakeholders in the shell company.

This is the closest link that we have to proof that the Trump campaign was directly colluding with Russia to obtain opposition research. Unfortunately, we won’t get to hear the full story.

Peter Smith, approximately ten days after he started talking on the record about the operation to Wall Street Journal journalist Shane Harris, passed away. He was 81. Nobody, from the family to police to coroners, has given a cause of death.

In light of many individuals taking liberty with the truth in order to take down Trump, I try to clearly differentiate what I have seen reported as fact and what are my own personal thoughts and theories. I don’t know how Peter Smith died. Neither does Harris, who spoke with him extensively. Harris has not speculated on a cause of death and I won’t either, but I do want to know what it was. I want to know how someone, even at the upward age of 81, goes from speaking clearly and on the record about a critical piece of information regarding significant allegations of collusion between Trump and Russia to dead in 10 days.

I know how Putin operates when it comes to individuals that have the ability to damage him. I want to know that this wasn’t the case with Smith, that this type of FSB operation hasn’t extended onto U.S. soil to affect those involved in the 2016 campaign.


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