Day 162: Voter Commission Fraud

Already a pitch black window into the darkness of the human soul, the Trump administration somehow managed to dim the light of the “city on a hill” even further.

A White House “voting fraud” commission set up by Mike Pence and Kris Kobach requested that all 50 states turn over personal information about all of their registered voters, including social security numbers, party affiliation and addresses. It was the intention of the commission to make this information public.

Within hours, Democrats and Republicans from across the country blasted the commission saying that they would not hand over the information and would not participate in a witch hunt to uncover non-existent cases of voter fraud. The whole episode can be best summed up by readingĀ the response from the Secretary of State of Mississippi. Even current Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach couldn’t comply with Trump Voting Commission Chairman Kris Kobach’s request.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Kobach as a certified con artist. In his current role as Kansas Secretary of State, he launched a McCarthy style investigation into allegations of voter fraud and found nothing of any significance. Ironically, Kobach failed to mention the most high profile case of voter fraud to appear in recent months, which was levied against a Trump supporter.

The whole thing is a sham to suppress the votes of the young and minorities. It is the 21st century equivalent of a poll tax or a literacy test. It’s racist and un-American and we must do everything in our power to stop it.


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