Day 161: Flynn Is (One Of) The (Direct) Link(s) To Russia

Late June was relatively quiet as far as Trump Russia related stories go, until a bomb dropped yesterday.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the late Peter Smith, a long time Republican operative, was attempting to obtain Hillary Clinton’s missing emails that were deleted off of her private server. In his pursuit, Smith worked closely with Michael Flynn and the Flynn Intelligence Group, his consulting firm.

This raises huge questions about why Michael Flynn was involved. How well did he know the Russian actors that were being questioned if they had these emails? According to ProPublica, Flynn was intimately familiar with a Russian power broker, who later sent clients his way.

If Trump did indeed collude with Russia, Flynn would be a logical choice as an addition to his campaign. He was already tasked with tracking down Clinton emails for another client and clearly had contacts in the region. He was also specifically singled out by Trump in his conversations with Comey about the Russia probe, signaling that he really wanted to have the investigation into Flynn dropped.

But instead of cooling the situation down, Trump is making it smoke more than a sweat lodge. He reportedly wants aides to put together lists of policy changes and other items he can offer to Putin as “deliverables”.

I don’t know how he could say “I’m a compromised traitor” any louder.


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