Day 158: No Health Care Fireworks Before The 4th Of July

Some excellent news has emerged from the Senate, news that could save millions of lives.

A vote on the Trumpcare train wreck has been delayed until after the July 4th recess in light of mounting Republican opposition to the legislation. The latest of the elephants to line up against this monstrosity is Susan Collins of Maine. She cited the CBO score, the dramatic drop of people receiving health insurance and the devastation that this bull would cause in rural Maine. She cited fundamental changes that were necessary to make to the bill in order for her to support it.

On the House side of things, Mark Meadows, the Freedom Caucus chair came out swinging against the Senate bill, stating that it was unlikely to be supported in its current form. This makes finding a compromise much more difficult that first anticipated with the concerns of yet another party thrown into the mix. Other elected officials could come off the fence and into the “No” camp.

Ultimately, this delay is owed to the millions of people who have picked up the phone and called their representatives to tell them what a nightmare this bill would make their lives. But unfortunately, it’s only delayed, not dead. We need to keep calling, writing, voting and protesting to ensure that this bill never sees the light of day.


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