Day 155: Health Care War Fare

and LiDean Heller came out in opposition to the Senate version of the American Health Care Act and he may pay a hefty price for it.

Already the top Democratic target for 2018, Heller opposed the AHCA for its destruction of Medicaid. In doing so, he stood alongside the Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval (also  a Republican) and supported the over 200,000 Nevadans who utilize it for health care services.

The move caught the ire of Trump and Mike Pence, who are already dealing with a revolt on the right. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson are all opposed to the bill because the cuts do not go deep enough.

This problem could prove to be a bill killer. Other senators, such as Rob Portman, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski share Heller’s concerns, though it hasn’t driven them to the point where they will explicitly state their opposition to the legislation. However, any further moves to the right with the bill to appease Cruz, Paul, Lee and Johnson might put them over the top into the no camp. The thought that a 40 percent cut to Planned Parenthood, the virtual elimination of Medicaid and more than 20 million Americans losing health insurance isn’t enough for these senators is a sickening one.

Mitch McConnell is still a master manipulator and tactician. We need to keep calling, protesting and voting in order to bury this legislation before it prematurely buries Americans.


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