Day 151: An Ossoff Win Would Be Peachy

The special election in Georgia today is a big deal for a variety of reasons.

First, it represents the first realistic chance (and it pains me to write that as an optimist and idealist) that the Democratic Party, Trump resistance groups and other stakeholders have to send a message to the Donald. This message is extremely important in light of the  secret Senate health care bill currently winding its way through offices and chambers without any public insight or input. An Ossoff win might encourage Mitch McConnell to shed some light on the process, or scrap it entirely. It might signal to Paul Ryan that it might not be such a good idea to stand by Trump’s agenda.

A win would also signal that the Democratic advantage on the generic ballot is real and they can expand their fight for a House majority in 2018 to Trump territory. If Georgia’s 6th District can flip, then districts like Pete Session’s 32nd in Texas, Darrell Issa’s 49th in California and Carlos Curbelo’s 26th in Florida are well within reach.

Turnout has been massive, relative to the past. The race is the most expensive House of Representatives race in history. Can the Democrats pull off the upset?

We will soon find out.


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