Day 147: Foreign Policy Fumbles

One of the problems that Trump is having with his approval ratings can be tied to his governing philosophy: pander to the base and attack Obama-era achievements.

When there is a changeover in the presidency, I’ve noticed something strange happen with Americans. They begin to view an individual’s accomplishments through less of a partisan lens and more of a policy perspective. This might explain why in places like Arkansas, Arizona¬†and Utah, legislators have felt the heat over issues like the Affordable Care Act. Take the Obama out of health care and all that’s left is the policy, which is seeing surging popularity.

I wonder if these same Americans will have similar views as Trump moves to roll back the best of Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments. The nuclear treaty with Iran and re-engagement with Cuba were two excellent accomplishments to come out of the previous administration. These diplomatic solutions benefit America. The treaty and restrictions rollback have helped advance relations and make progress with two countries that have had strained relationships with the United States in the past.

The current strategy employed by the White House isn’t working because (while I can’t necessarily quantify it) Trump has caused individuals to look at policy in a pretty sober way. That sobriety is causing many to wake up and smell the bullshit that is being pushed by this group of grifters.

I just hope that their incompetence in affairs foreign and domestic¬†doesn’t drive us over a cliff.


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