Day 146: Zero To Trumpstruction, Real Quick

Trump is now personally under investigation for obstruction of justice.

This news was revealed in a bombshell Washington Post report┬áthat detailed the scope of the FBI’s ongoing probe into Trump and his associates. Obstruction of justice committed by Trump is now a part of the probe, which has been rapidly expanding and has added some of the best lawyers in the country to its staff.

Trump reacted in typical fashion, calling the whole ordeal a witch hunt and blasting the intelligence community and law enforcement. But, yet again, it’s his own fault he got into this mess.

He was the one who fired Comey. He was the one who ordered his subordinates to write a BS memo justifying Comey’s firing and then contradicted it less than 24 hours later on a national news interview. As if that wasn’t enough, he even admitted that he fired Comey because he thought the whole Russian ordeal was “fake” and he didn’t want it pursued.

He was the one who revealed code-word level intel to the Russians, who demanded loyalty from independent law enforcement officials, who coordinated with Republicans that should’ve been conducting oversight into the administration and conducts his cabinet meetings like Kim Jong Un.

Trump is the problem. Trump is a traitor to American values. We need to continue to march, vote and take peaceful civic action to ensure that we move our country to a more positive place for all of us.


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