Day 143: The Melting Mask Of Trump World

Whoever said that the main stream media was liberal has been proven wrong time and time again.

This week CNN fired reporter Reza Aslan after tweeting that Trump was “a piece of shit”. While the tweet is entirely inappropriate for anyone working in a public capacity as a journalist, I don’t think it merits termination. It’s a huge double standard at CNN when you consider that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was hired at CNN after he assaulted a reporter and continued to receive payments from the Trump campaign. But when you design a network to function like a debate at your local bar, these sorts of things should be expected.

Oliver Stone is currently on a media tour to promote the airing of his Putin documentary. The Nation, which normally does excellent work, pitched him softball after softball about the making of his film and CBS News tweeted out this rich headline from their interview with Stone this morning. It’s a shame nobody asked Stone whether he’d ask Putin about a rash of recent deaths of Russian diplomats from suspicious circumstances (or past ones for that matter), his political opponents winding up in jail or why $2 billion in offshore money belonging to him and his associates turned up in the Panama Papers when he is the leader of a country where over 10 percent of the people live in poverty.

Sad as both of those instances are, they’re not even the worst of it. Megyn Kelly teased a few snippets of an upcoming interview with Alex Jones, who has stated, among other ramblings of lunacy, that the massacre of children at Sandy Hook elementary school was a staged event intended to spur gun control legislation. The response from his viewers has been so powerful and hateful toward these families already suffering from the loss of their children that some have had to change their addresses, phone numbers and emails. To this very day, Sandy Hook parents gets harassed on social media by “truthers”, in between posting heartbreaking photos of their children.

Alex Jones occupies a special place in Trumpworld. His views shouldn’t occupy any space in our society. It’s bad enough that people get killed and legislators refuse to do anything about it. It’s worse that people like Jones get to profit off of the pain they cause.


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